Luxurious Yet Comfortable Family House in Yoro by Airhouse Design Office

Airhouse Design Office designed a luxurious yet comfortable family home in Gifu, Japan filled with warmth and love. Description by Airhouse Design Office: One of our client’s major requirements was for a living space where the presence of the family would always be felt. In response, we devised a single-roomed layout without columns that took advantage of the distinctive features of the existing warehouse. A large kitchen was installed to […]


Laidback House in Sakura by Yamazaki Kentaro Design

The House in Sakura was designed by Yamazaki Kentaro Design with an impression of living inside a large garden. Description by Yamazaki Kentaro Design: The house gives the impression of living inside a large garden. It evokes within the inhabitants the feeling of strolling in the yard while doing ordinary tasks such as cooking, reading, or taking a bath. We proposed long-span housing, which would be formed by 5 blocks, […]


Creative Pictogram Posters That Promote Cultures Around the World by Mutabor Design

German design firm Mutabor Design has come up with a clever series of pictogram posters that promote different cultures around the world without words.


Interesting Japanese Home with an Origami-Inspired Roof by TSC Architects

TSC Architects have brought origami into life with this interesting home located in Mie, Japan with the internal space all wrapped inside the origami roof. Description by TSC Architects: Site is located in the old village surrounded by mountain, Mie Prefecture Japan. There is a stone wall made with a round stone around this area from old days a lot. There was the stone wall which a grandfather made in the […]


Exquisite Tunnel House in Japan by Makiko Tsukada Architects

Makiko Tsukada Architects designed this exquisite tunnel house at the end of a T-junction in Tokyo, Japan. Description by Makiko Tsukada Architects: The site is at the end of a T-junction. Our design intension is to provide a visual extension of the street on the site so that it creates a virtual cross road. The interior space and the exterior space are connected by carving out a part of the […]


Neat and Bright Shimookabe House in Japan by ALTS Design

Japanese architecture studio ALTS Design Office built this neat and bright Shimookabe House located in the suburban neighborhood of Kyoto wherein natural lights bring much comfort inside the small space of the residence. [via thisispaper]


Unique Nail Salon in Osaka Designed with an Iconic Triangle Division by Yusuke Seki

Tokyo-based architect Yusuke Seki designed the Kolmio+LIM, a nail salon in Osaka, Japan. Its most distinguishing feature would have to be its iconic triangle division that reflects the meaning of “Kolmio”. Description by Yusuke Seki: “Kolmio+LIM” is a nail salon located in Osaka, the western capital of Japan, which is where our client LIM started her first hair salon. They have since expanded their beauty business. “Kolmio” is taken from the name […]


Cozy Okazaki House in Japan Clad with Charred Timber Walls by MDS

Tokyo-based architecture studio MDS designed the Okazaki House in Aichi, Japan. To help protect the structure from decay, the team used Yakisugi, a traditional charring technique, to blacken the cedar planks used for the building’s exterior. Description by the architects: The generation gap has become a problem in Japan in recent years. There are an increasing number of two-family homes, as well as houses built on the lots of parents’ […]


Delightfully Illustrated Map of Japan by MUTI

MUTI have created an illustrated map of Japan for Monocle Magazine, using icons to highlight landmarks, animals and people from different regions. Beautiful.


Laidback Home in Japan by Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design has built this very laidback home for a senior couple in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. Description by Mosaic Design: The house is located in Yokawa, which is in the south-central part of Hyogo Prefecture. The clients are a senior couple and have lived in several countries and cities around the world because of their business, such as Panama, Peru, Los Angels, Singapore, London and Tokyo. After retiring, they decided […]