Amazing Portraits Drawn Using Blue Biro Pens by Enam Bosokah

Ghana-based artist, Enam Bosokah has created an awesome series of portraits using blue biro pins. Each illustration carries the detailed expressions and poses of the subject. You may view more of his works here. [via designtaxi]


Cute and Clever Illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek

If you are looking for something that could lighten up your somewhat heavy day, here is a treat for you – cute and clever illustrations by Cape Town-based artist and designer Jaco Haasbroek. Check them out and for sure you would end up having bright smiles on your faces.  ♥ [via jacohaasbroek]


Creative Pictogram Posters That Promote Cultures Around the World by Mutabor Design

German design firm Mutabor Design has come up with a clever series of pictogram posters that promote different cultures around the world without words.


Lovely Fashion Illustrations with Real Flower Petals by Grace Ciao

Check out these beautiful fashion illustrations mixed with real flower petals by artist Grace Ciao.


Impressive Jackie Chan Portrait Composed of 64,000 Chopsticks

After a month of collecting 64,000 pieces of chopsticks, Red Hong Yi started with one of her best work yet, a portrait of one of the famous faces of today, Jackie Chan. The project was commissioned to Red in celebration of Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday. Work process: It wasn’t easy to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. He is a world famous actor, an exceptional martial arts fighter, an environmentalist, [...]


Inspiring Quotes Illustrated in Minimalist Posters by Ryan McArthur

Be inspired by these famous quotes illustrated in minimalist posters by Canada-based graphic designer Ryan McArthur.


Awesome Illustrations That Appear to be Composed of Colorful Wires by Charis Tsevis

Greek designer Charis Tsevis has created this impressive series of illustrations that appear to be composed of thousands of colored wires such as USB and lightning cords. Description by Charis Tsevis: We are living in a wired world. No matter how wireless technologies have developed, every room in our homes has at least something like 8 plugs. I have 24 in my office. So many cables, so many lines that transfer [...]


Flirty Illustrations of Nerdy Cute Pick-up Lines

A Daily Pickup Line is a collection of Alyssa Duhe’s flirty illustrations of classic and nerdy cute pick-up lines. The best one should be Alyssa’s tumblr tag line, ‘If you were words on a page baby you would be fine print’.   [via a daily pickup line, doodlers anonymous]


Elaborate Illustrations of Red Foxes by Alice Macarova

Illustrator and graphic designer Alice Macarova creates elaborate illustration showing some stories about red foxes in her series, Vulpes vulpes. Find more of her portfolio over at Behance.   [via designcollector]


Impressive Drawings Patterned on Fingerprint Whorls by Nicolas Jolly

French artist Nicolas Jolly has been working with black ink, which according to Jolly allows him to bring additional emotion to the scene by increasing the use of contrasts between light and dark. His drawings were made with fingerprint patterns by using crosshatch method. Though the illustrations involve only two colors, Jolly is able to capture that attention of observers to take a second look of each artwork. [via designtaxi]