Delightful Apartment in Taiwan that Features Toys and Travel Souvenirs

Ganna Design Studio was commissioned by a young couple in Taiwan to design their 19th floor apartment that will showcase their collections of toys and miniatures as well as souvenirs from their travels.  The final result resembled a café that allows the clients to enjoy the whole area full of delightful possessions. [via design-milk]


Clever T-Shirt Designs by Nacho Diaz

Check out these clever t-shirt designs by Spanish artist Nacho Diaz that would certainly tickle the creative side of your brains and would probably put big smiles on your lips. [via inspirationhut]


Playfully Exuberant Conan House by Mooh Hoon

Architect Moon Hoon has designed this fun-loving home for a small family in South Korea. The Conan House was built in response to the request of the clients who wanted an imaginative dwelling that reflects the child in them. The result was a fun concept of a boxy structure with an interior comprised of a series of split-level floors that rise in a spiral around a center column. Inside the screened [...]