Wooden Double House in Hiratsuka

Japan based design studio LEVEL Architects have designed a double house in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. This wooden structure has a total floor area of 155.54 square meter on 185.46 square meter of site area. Completed in 2010.      Description from the architects: Motaseru changes in the height and shape, the ceiling of each room, which will make the characteristics of each space.Living on the second floor has a ceiling slope-wife cut, by dropping […]


Romantic Loft with Private Roof Garden in New York

In the middle of busy Chelsea, New York is a spectacular private garden atop a duplex penthouse loft. Found available at Sotheby’s Homes, this property has a key-locked elevator that opens directly this loft level, large skylights and windows and spacious areas for entertaining. A grand staircase leads up to the master bedroom with its own bath and private terrace. Photos from Sotheby


Two Families + One Home

This impressive home in Austin called the Annie Residence was designed in harmony and was built to house two families. Aside from  having their own living spaces, this home is a good mixture of different region and cultures. Both the use of the roof as an outdoor living space and the shading devices are derived from Moorish architecture. The body of water and the spatial continuity between inside and outside was […]