10 Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

Been wanting to have an indoor pool in your home? You may want to check out our top 10 ideas that might just be the ones you are looking for. Good luck!   via Impressive Interior Design   via Impressive Interior Design   via The Wow Style   via Sebring   via Beauty Harmony Life   via Boonapp   via Tucduphill   via The Sweet House of Madness   via Fress [...]


Transforming REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

Rotterdam-based designers Reinier de Jong Architecture & Design have sent us their latest project REK bookcase made of an eco-friendly material poplar and finished with organic linseed oil wax.   Visit Reinier de Jong’s website for more information.


Ecologically Friendly Solar Powered Home by Tjep

As technology continues to dominate our world and electricity fees cannot go further but up, Amsterdam-based studio Tjep has something interesting to offer. Let us all welcome, Isolée, a self-sustaining, solar powered house which is a combination of intelligent technology and elegant sophistication. The whole structure can be openned up all at the same time through its massive opening doors, just the way you open a cabinet. An intelligent heating system is integrated within [...]