'The Left-Over-Space House’ by Cox Rayner Architects

Cox Rayner Architects has designed this unique private house in Paddington, Queensland, Australia. This renovation and extension project included adjoining a tiny cottage and a Heritage hall to create a comfortable home for a family of four.    Description by Cox Rayner Architects: This narrow private house demonstrates what can be achieved on the myriad of ‘left-over’ spaces in inner cities, such as disused easements or parking lots.  In this […]


Intergenerational Loft Renovation by Dangermond Keane Architecture

Dangermond Keane Architecture studio designed the Intergenerational Loft located in Portland, Oregon, USA. This 122 square foot renovation project was built for a family of three generations. Intergenerational Loft by Dangermond Keane Architecture: Built for a family of three generations, this renovation connects a much needed 1200 sf of new living space to an existing loft via a small elevator. The new level contains two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a library/office space, […]


Spectacular House With View of the Future by Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli studio designed the House with View of the Future located in Florence, Italy. True to its name, this 186 square meter residential project has an ultra modern concept of a futuristic home. Photos by Juergen Eheim


Energy Efficient + Attractive Home in Australia by Anderson Architecture

Anderson Architecture studio designed the Waverley Residence located in Waverley, New South Wales, Australia. Beneath the unique asymmetrical facade is an energy efficient home that utilizes passive solar techniques and natural ventilation. Waverley Residence by Anderson Architecture: This project is our most thermally efficient house to date, developed through the use of in house computerized thermal modeling. The house requires very little heating or cooling, utilizing passive solar techniques, internal thermal […]


Incredible Tahoe Ridge House by WA Design Inc

WA Design Inc designed the Tahoe Ridge House built on 8 acres of land in Tahoe Donner, California, USA. Featuring large recycled timber and an industrial aesthetic, this 4,960 square foot contemporary residence was completed in 2010. Photos from WA Design Inc


Unique Clipper Bay Residence with Private Berth by FGR Architects

Completed in 2010, FHR Architects designed the Clipper Bay Residence located in Safety Beach, Australia. The living area was optimally designed for the residents to fully enjoy the waterfront as well as the eye-catching pool and spa and to the quayside location with private 12metre berth. Photos by Trish Hartly


Stunning Apartment Renovation in Moscow with a Fiery Red Kitchen

Architect Philipp Tangalychev and Daria Kasatskaya of Studioplan  designed this stunning apartment interior located in Moscow, Russia. This apartment renovation fuses rustic and modern with exposed brick walls and daring red kitchen. Photos by Frank Herfort


Magnificent Jewel of Kahana by Arri Lecron Architects

Architecture studio Arri LeCron designed the Jewel of Kahana, a gorgeous oceanfront property on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. Completed in 2009, this 9,200 square foot contemporary residence has 7 bedrooms with its own bath and a comfy guest house. Photos by Maui Estate International


Urban Concrete House in Chile by Gubbins Architects

Gubbins Arquitectos designed the Omnibus House located in Aguas Claras, Cachagua V Region, Chile. Completed in 2003, this urban home utilized concrete as its main material that relates harmoniously with the surrounding trees. Photos from Gubbins Architects


Enticingly Modern Cosgriff House by Christopher Polly Architect

Sydney-based studio Christopher Polly Architect designed the Cosgriff House located in Annandale, Sydney, Australia. This 2-storey enticingly modern residence was completed in 2012. Cosgriff House House by Christopher Polly Architect: A substantial lower ground room is inserted under the original fabric, harnessing the fall in the site towards the rear. It extends deeply beneath the existing dwelling and outwards towards the garden to transform the original dwelling in combination with the […]