Sunset Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects

In 2004, Canadian architectural studio Taylor Smyth Architects designed and completed the Sunset Cabin located  in Ontario, Canada. This relaxing single-bedroom retreat cabin was built on 275 square meters of land on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. Photos by Taylor Smyth Architects


Hölick Sea Resort's Enchanting Chalet Lagunen

Located on the Swedish coast is beautiful Chalet Lagunen of Hölick Sea Resort surrounded by wide sandy beaches and endless pine forests. Made totally in wood, the architecture of the chalet was inspired by the former tents in the resort. The roof is a wooden faltak, traditionally found in the Baltic island of Gotland. Both roof and facades give a homogeneous wood appearance to the cabins, almost hiding them in among the surrounding tall pine […]


Sophisticated Twisted Cabin

Oslo-based studio Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter have designed the Twisted Cabin, completed in 2011. This 360 square meter cabin is located in Kvitfjell, Norway.    Twisted Cabin by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter: High in the mountain, 1000m above the ocean and close to the ski slopes, the cabin reflects the contours in the terrain to make room for a large family on holiday. The cabin has seven floor levels connected differently to the surrounding terrain. These levels give […]


Captivating Sneeoosh Cabin by Zeroplus Architects

The Sneeoosh Cabin located in Puget Sound, Washington was designed by Zeroplus Architects, a firm that aims to balance the aesthetic, experiential and functional desires in construction. [via contemporist]


Eco-Perch by Blue Forest

Sussex-based architecture firm Blue Forest  designed Eco-Perch that allows you to commune with nature with its natural, organic geometry maximizes the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape. Here’s more description from its designers: The building sleeps 4 people and is delivered, assembled and commissioned in approximately 5 days (subject to site preparation). The eco-PERCH design is flexible and can be adapted to suit your site […]


Recycled and Colorful Cabin in Brazil

Brazilian designer Fabio Galeazzo has explored the small cabin designs in a place where huge homes and bedroom are the norm. Looks like Brazil is finally catching up with the idea of living in small spaces (although not quite yet). This 600 sq ft cabin, on of Fabio’s cool designs, though small, still evokes of Latin America’s lifestyle and culture. The colorful, festive and relaxed mood seen all over the cabin achieves […]