31+ Shades of Purple Bedroom Ideas

The color purple maybe too stimulating for the bedroom but still a lot of people choose this palette for their sleeping haven. Whether choosing a different shade, paint it on a feature wall, mix it up with pink or white, there are many ways to lessen the vividness of purple so that it is more soothing for the bedroom. Check out this collection of 31+ purple bedroom ideas for inspiration…


12 Ideas for Year-round Christmas Lights Decoration in the Bedroom

Christmas decorations are on full blast by this time, even in the bedroom! They make any room happier and really lovely. So if you’re thinking of taking it down after the holidays, these examples might change your mind. Leave it on to get your room into a festive mood all year long. Enjoy!    [via stylowi, pinterest]


Magical Treehouse Inspired Bedroom

  This is by far, the best and most imaginative children’s bedroom I’ve seen. What more could a kid as for? It’s got ladders, swing, climbing ropes, lots of hidden storage spaces and a tree house right in the middle of it all. See the sketch come to life in the images below.   [via dornob and forkparty]


15 Dreamy + Beautiful Bedrooms


Christmas Lights in 8 Bedrooms

Countdown begins before Christmas! And timely enough I’ve found these beautiful Christmas lights adorned bedrooms. They are so lovely I can’t stand it! Here’s a few discoveries, hope it inspires you! [source: one, two, three,  four, five, six, seven, eight]


Bold Prints + Top 10 Wall Paper Ideas

Today we’re exploring more ideas on how to liven up your walls! Featuring 10 different ideas in bold prints and shapes, these will certainly raise attractiveness and create a feature out of your lackluster wall. [source: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.]


Going Coastal + 18 Bedroom Ideas

[via myhomeideas.com]


Romantic inspirations, romantic room

With all the rush,  going places, deadlines and meetings. It’s very hard not miss your own bed. Moreso, you’re own room. To rest, read a book and just ponder on. This isn’t my room, I wish it was. But this will surely inspire me to do some redecorating. Quaint interior, soft earth tones, off-whites and cool beige. A quiet getaway in the comforts of your own home. [via myparadissi]


Cozy Loft Bedrooms

Small apartments? Let these ideas add some more for your space. [via ohdeedoh.com]