Lovely Cross Stitch House in Australia by FMD Architects

Ohio-based FMD Architects designed this lovely single storey home in Melbourne, Australia. Description by FMD Architects: The site is a single storey terrace on a small 5m wide block in the inner city of Melbourne. The brief was to create new Living and Dining spaces, relocate the existing kitchen and bathrooms and improve access to natural light in the main living and main bedroom areas. The existing Victorian eastern end of [...]


Photographer Hangs Out of Helicopter To Capture Fresh Summer Photos in Australia

Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford took cool Aerial Summer photos of Melbourne on a hot summer day. Blachford was hanging out of a Robinson 44 Helicopter hovering at 500 feet to snap these photographs. [via tom blachford]


Neat and Spacious House Maher in Australia by Tribe Studio

Award-winning architectural firm Tribe Studio designed the 327-square meter House Maher in Sydney, Australia with much simplicity, neatness and a very homey  feel. Description by Tribe Studio: In suburban Willoughby, House Maher is a new build for a young family. Formally, the house is a simple gable extrude, clad on the street ends in face brickwork. Internally, the spaces are a playful study in volume and light. [via thisispaper]


Ingenious Foyn-Johanson Home in Australia by Harrison and White

Sustainable urban design and architectural firm Harrison and White has designed the Foyn-Johanson Home in Northcote, Australia. The objective was to come up with a concept that would allow the sun’s rays to shine down inside the residence, specifically into the garden where the owner plants their own food. Description by Harrison and White: We see one of the key issues in Australian housing being how we use the sun to [...]


Unusual Pink-colored Lake in Western Australia

For the longest time, the Pink Lake in Goldsfields-Esperance region in Western Australia was a mystery. One might mistake the beautiful pink color to be man-made, but the unusual color is actually a natural phenomenon.This salt lake is not always pink, the change in color is a result of a certain green algae or high concentration of brine prawn. Once the lake water reaches a salinity level greater than that [...]


Several Waterfalls Flowing on Huge Sandstone Formation in Australia

Considered one of the most notable landmarks in Australia is Ayer’s Rock, also known as Uluru, a huge sandstone formation that stands about 348 meters high and is located near Alice Springs in central Australia. This legendary formation has several waterfalls flowing from its peak, a touch of silver against the rock that is said to turn glowing red at dawn and sunset and changes color at different times of the year.


Gorgeous Residence Called ‘The Empire’ in Australia by Residential Attitudes

Known for its contemporary custom design and craftsmanship, the Residential Attitudes puts perfection in each project. The Empire residence in Perth, Australia probably speaks perfectly about how the firm works. It has the impeccable balance of light, volume and the interrelationship between indoor and outdoor environments. Description by Residential Attitudes:  “The mid-century modernist movement was characterized by clean simplicity, the integration with nature and meeting the daily needs of the [...]


Unique Convertible Courtyards House in Australia by Christopher Megowan Design

Christopher Megowan Design has created a unique home that kinetically adapts to the variable climate of Melbourne, Australia. Description by Christopher Megowan Design : As the name suggests, the Convertible Courtyards House, by Christopher Megowan Design, kinetically adapts to the notoriously variable climate found in Melbourne, Australia. This project added a kitchen, living area, dining area, bathroom, master bedroom, ensuite and two decks to a previously overlooked yet charming weatherboard cottage in [...]


South Durras House with a Uniquely Striking Roof by Fearns Studio

Australia-based Fearns Studio has designed a home in South Durras with a unique twist. Well, the roof probably says it all. Description by Fearns Studio: This renovation of an 80’s beach house comprises modifications to existing interiors and a new studio extending into the rear yard. A single , oversized sliding door defines a modified living space – expanding lounge areas and allowing new views of surrounding bushland when open [...]


Challenging Design of The Mullet by March Studio

Young and budding architectural firm March Studio has designed The Mullet, a 3,445 square feet private get-away in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The challenging design of the residence was requested by the clients who actually run construction business and wanted a home that would showcase their own capabilities. Description by March Studio: “Situated in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Kensington, ‘The Mullet’ performs contorted gymnastics in order to facilitate an ambitious brief on a [...]