bridge design

Five years ago, Academy of Fine Arts design students, Adnan Alagic, Bojan Kanlic and Amila Hrustic teamed in designing this symbolic looping bridge that bring together the secular and spiritual. The project dubbed as ‘Festina Lente’ means ‘make haste, slowly’ in Latin.

In the middle of the bridge are two benches for people to meet and interact. At night, the structure is lit with white LED lights that is visually attractive from afar. The bridge measures 38 metres built over the Miljacka river in Bosnia.

SymbolicLoopingBridgeCalledFestinaLente2 SymbolicLoopingBridgeCalledFestinaLente3 SymbolicLoopingBridgeCalledFestinaLente4 SymbolicLoopingBridgeCalledFestinaLente6 SymbolicLoopingBridgeCalledFestinaLente7

[via ignant]


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