Now this is what you call having something wonderful at the palm of your hands, literally. Russian artist Svetlana Kolosova juggled her time as a mother of four children while doing her household chores. Though she was always preoccupied with a lot of things, she was able to find a way in which she could express her love for art. She then discovered that her left palm would be the most convenient canvass in which she could paint fairy tale-inspired illustrations based on the stories of famous writers such as Hans Christian Andersen and Antoine de Saint Exupery. Truly fascinating!

SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova2 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova3 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova4 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova5 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova6 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova7 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova8 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova9 SurrealFairyTalePalmPaintingsbySvetlanaKolosova10


[via odditycentral]


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