I guess every child grew up enjoying the sight of bubbles while playing inside the bathroom. Take it from me huh! I really loved making bubbles out of soap rubbed through my hands. I also adored those ready-made liquid combination where you can blow off on a device then automatically several bubbles would come out. And probably photographer Jason Tozer also had a great childhood memory with bubbles, which inspired his really gorgeous series. Check out his photos that appear to form like the planets that revolve around the solar system. They are absolutely stunning!

StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations2 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations3 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations4 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations5 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations6 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations7 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations8 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations9 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations10 StunningSoapBubblePlanetFormations11

[via sneakhype]


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