paper portraits

Self-portrait by Steven Spazuk

Artist Steven Spazuk used to be a conventional painter when he dreamt of using soot as a painting medium. Holding a piece of paper on one hand and a lit candle on another, Steven accumulates enough soot on the back of the paper then using his hands or drybrush, smudges the soot to form an artwork.

Years later, his work has evolved into doing lifesize portraits composed of over 200 pieces of paper. These pieces can be stored in a shoebox making it easy to transport to another exhibit.


Steven Spazuk while working on his self-portrait.


Steven Spazuk’s father by Steven Spazuk


Steven Spazuk’s mother by Steven Spazuk


Dr. Brenda Milner by Steven Spazuk

Check out more on Steven Spazuk’s website.


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