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It’s a given fact that Christmas time has always been synonymous with winter time.


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I’ve often thought that holidays in countries with snow season are extra special. I’ve considered people living there as the lucky ones.


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For what specific reason? There a lot of reasons.


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…because they get to experience lighting up the fireplace to make themselves feel warm, wearing fashionable winter clothes (especially the winter coats), feeling the snowflakes falling down on their shoulders, seeing their breath flow through the air, throwing snowballs at each other, enjoying the thrill of skiing, can absolutely relate to the song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…” and much more…


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But I guess, those are just petty things.


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On second thought, I’m still lucky, though we don’t have winter days here.

I live in a tropical country and I’ve never experienced the joy of touching a snowball. I’ve only been to an Ice and Snow Wonder Park with an artificial snow environment. But that’s alright.


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Getting to experience snow is just part of the main dish. It’s something that wouldn’t change the whole yuletide season if it weren’t there. It just adds up a different breeze.  What’s more important is that the birth of Jesus is celebrated with the ones you truly love and cherish.

Hey, it’s six nights to go before Christmas and I do hope everyone would be able to have a happy and blessed one.


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