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Interior design of this dwelling couldn’t have been more beautiful! Gorgeous decor by Susanna Vento, coupled with the amazing photography of Kristiina Kurronen, no wonder this whole space was magnificently captured. From the entrance, it may strike you as a plain looking home, but as you slowly stroll inside, you’ll find an awesome mixture. A touch of dark colors and geometric shapes in decor perfectly compliments the plainness of the walls and ceilings.

The entire wall of one side of the receiving area has floor to ceiling windows, providing ample natural light and a magnificent view of the gorgeous landscape outside which, by far, is my favorite part of this whole house! Actually there are plenty of things to love!

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Photos are from Interior design for: Housing fairs in Kokkola 2011.

Decor: Susanna Vento

Photos by Kristiina Kurronen

Check out more on Susanna Vento’s Website.


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