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Gonçalo Campos shares their latest design – the Wallmonds project, a series of products designed to be hung, that reflect the way people live nowadays, with less space, but still with a need to be surrounded by special products.

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Description by Gonçalo Campos:

Wallmonds is a project we started developing in the Studio (with more items to come), in order to experiment and play with product typologies, communication methods, production and delivery to the final user, in a  way that our work designing for other brands doesn’t allow. This freedom and direct link to the final consumer is part of the new paradigm shift we are seeing in culture, and as born experimenters we decided to develop this new range of quirky and rare products, beyond any typical typology or production convention.

Following the concept of the other Wallmonds, this hanger was designed for keeping things at hand, in a elegant and sculptural product. Enclosed in a solid wood frame, one of the features that unifies the concept, nudging at their decorative appeal and their place on the wall.

Very robust and made for everyday use, this product was made to stand out and hang items of all sizes thanks to it’s irregular curves. Ideal for tight house entrances and living rooms.

It’s solid and simple construction uses Birch Plywood and Beech wood for the frame all the wood is treated with natural oils.

Wallmonds Hanger dimensions are 85x30x5cm and it’s available to purchase directly online here.


Photos | Text courtesy Gonçalo Campos


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