Swiss designer Heinz Julen built this 300 square meter dreamy loft apartment overlooking a picturesque landscape.

Using a unique mix of steel, textured concrete, wood and glass and the love of‘the calm’Heinz Julen turned his former private home into one of the most luxurious ski chalet in Switzerland.

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Ski Chalet by Heinz Julen:

The sense of space, light and closeness to nature in the Loft is unparalleled. The walls on two sides overlooking the village consist of floor to ceiling glass with six-metre high French windows leading to a large terrace. The ceiling is supported by seven columns, while the glass walls have an inset fireplace and three alcoves. Electronically-controlled exterior blinds can be lowered to cover the glass walls and windows.

The main living area has a suspended illuminated table which can be raised and lowered as required or lifted completely out of the way to to ceiling height. There is a baby grand Steinway piano in one corner and a large sofa in front of a fireplace which is set into one of the glass walls. Other furniture, all designed by Julen himself, includes two desks, jack-in-the-box armchairs and a splendid chandelier.

A metal staircase leads up to the mezzanine level, which has a chill-out area with another sofa, TV, a free standing jacuzzi bath, a galley kitchen and dining alcove, a cantilevered bar area and a guest toilet. The mezzanine floor is made of opaque glass with subtle inset lighting.

Overlooking the main loft area are two double en-suite bedrooms, one above the other. Each bedroom has its own small bathroom with shower/WC and a balcony. The third master bedroom is very private with its own landing and features an island bed on a rotating floor, sofa and TV, a walk-in wardrobe, a free-standing bath with wood-slatted massage cover, his and her sinks, a separate shower room and WC.

Both levels of the Loft are served by a private elevator. Access to the property is two minute walk form the top of the Hotel Omnia lifts, which deliver you to the centre of Zermatt, in the main street close to the church.


Photos by Alpine Guru


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