interior design

Allison Bloom studied biology and environmental studies and started pursuing anything but creative projects. However, her instinct have always gravitated her toward interior design. Finally, after working for a bungalow renovation, Allison found her true passion. She researched on the psychology of interiors and architecture and learned that good design is anything but trivial. Her discovery has led her to form a new career and business, Dehn Bloom Design. Here’s one of her beautiful works.AllisonBloomInteriorDesign2 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign3 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign4 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign5 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign6 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign7 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign8 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign9 AllisonBloomInteriorDesign10

Photography by John Merki


[via california home design]


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