family house design

Amsterdam based studio BaksvanWengerden Architects have designed the SH House.

This project is a 200 square meter single-family house completed in June 2012.

SHHouse SHHouse1 SHHouse1 SHHouse2 SHHouse3 SHHouse3 SHHouse4 SHHouse4 SHHouse5 SHHouse6 SHHouse7


SH House by BaksvanWengerden Architects:

In the dune landscape of Bentveld, a villa park village between Haarlem and the North Sea coast, BaksvanWengerden Architects is commissioned to renovate and enlarge a single-family house. The house, built in 1932, was one of the first in the area. In the Zeitgeist of its era, the internal organisation was derived from the concept of separation of functions. This made the house feel small. The house appears as a prototype, with its long roof lines, overhanging roof eaves and solid materialization.

BaksvanWengerden developed a design which maximizes the sense of generosity through out the house. The open plan ground floor extends into the lush garden. Like a backbone, the new staircase binds all the functions within the house. The extension manifests itself simultaneously as a connecting as well as a contrasting entity. Its abstract materialization and detailing emphasizes this ambiguity.


Photography Yvonne Brandwijk, Kaj van Geel


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