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S mahal is a home in Yangpyeong-gun, South Korea, designed by creative Korean architect Moon Hoon. Its unique form and built will surely leave an interesting impression to its visitors.

This residence was designed mostly with floor to ceiling windows, wrapped around the perimeter. But according to Moon Hoon, due to budget constraints, water-proof red and white curtains were installed on two sides of its elevation instead of glass windows.

SMahalKoreanResidence2 SMahalKoreanResidence3 SMahalKoreanResidence4 SMahalKoreanResidence5 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon5 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon7 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon11 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon15 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon16 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon18 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon20 SMahalKoreanResidencebyMoonHoon21

[via ewandoo]


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