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Good news for the would-be surfers and surfers at heart, Wavegarden is going to launched soon worldwide.

The private facility in Spain’s Basque Mountain Valley has become the testing ground for the surf park which promises to mimic perfectly formed tubes with its advance wave generation system creating up to 120 waves an hour.

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1. Beach and swimming area
2. Beginners area
3. Experts area
4. Pier
5. Skatepark and playground
6. Buildings
7. Lakeside path


Description from Wavegarden:

At the expert area two identical waves break simultaneously left and right with barreling point-break type rides up to 20 seconds long. Once the waves reach beginners area at each end of the lagoon, the left and right hand waves transform into smaller more playful whitewater waves, the perfect size for all ages to learn and improve their skills. Once the wave cycle is complete, the system turns around creating another set of perfect waves that break in the opposite direction along the lagoon and into the other bay.

The patented Wavegarden technology provides two breaking waves every 60 seconds with a capacity of 50-100 surfers in the lagoon at one time. The lagoon’s large capacity and frequency of waves finally allow inland wave sport facilities to be economically viable, as well as create an atmosphere of plentiful and realistic waves necessary to gain traction with the typically very demanding surf market.


[via hiconsumptionwavegarden]


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