Tatsuo Horiuchi got inspired by other people making charts using the excel spreadsheet and thought that he use the software to draw. And Horiuchi did, with so much passion. Right before retiring, Horiuchi bought a computer and started learning excel in ways that not many is familiar with, make detailed landscape art. That was about 14 years ago. Horiuchi has made a name for himself after entering the 2006 Excel Autoshape Art Contest and won first prize.

Horiuchi made several masterpieces after the contest and his work has since been acquired by his hometown’s Gunma Museum of Art for display.

retiree-makes-unbelievably-detailed-artwork-using-excel (1) retiree-makes-unbelievably-detailed-artwork-using-excel (2)

Here are some screen shots of the artwork while still inside the excel spreadsheet.retiree-makes-unbelievably-detailed-artwork-using-excel (3) retiree-makes-unbelievably-detailed-artwork-using-excel (4)

The actual files are available for download if you would like to see how much work was put in each of these paintings.

Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle
Kegon Falls

Here is the artist with his masterpiece.

retiree-makes-unbelievably-detailed-artwork-using-excel (5)


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