The Queen’s Walk in London, UK, was transformed into a stimulating play area when 150 tonnes of sand dyed in rainbow colors blended with equally colorful sculptural pieces covered its pavement. It was opened on June 16th 2012. Children and families alike will get to enjoy this space until September 9th 2012. This playful outdoor installation by Polish sculptor Adam Kalinowski is a part of the Festival of the World organised by the Southbank Centre. He describes his work as,

Rainbow Park has been built for rest and stimulation of imaginary of participants who all together can play with sand. 150 tonnes of coloured and plain sand is a distinctive and simultaneously interactive element; spectators walking all over the park, preferably barefoot, mix the colours especially on the edges of sand spots, in such a way that new colours appear, e.g. on the edge of red and blue violet come into being, yellow sand mixed with red produces orange etc. In course of time spots are mixing and losing their intensity, but on the other hand a new composition of quality of colour, will emerge and smoothly turn into another colour resembles the light spectrum. Colorful sculptural units can be also used as benches to enjoy and relax within created enviroment. Total dimensions: 5000x700x140 cm.

art installation in park AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark1 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark2 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark4 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark5 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark7 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark9 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark11 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark19  AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark28 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark29 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark32 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark33 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark36 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark41 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark42 AdamKalinowskisRainbowPark43 rainbowpark rainbowpark1


Final playground layout


For more photos and information, visit the Rainbow Park page. Photo credits: Jakub Kreft,  Jakub KonarskiSouthbank Centre/Belinda Lawley and Adam Kalinowski.


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