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How do you envision a primary school? Definitely colorful and fun place to learn. Important items to consider given that the formative years of a child is highly influenced by their surroundings. Likewise, if not more crucial, is a collaborative and interactive learning ground. London-based Gavin Hughes took those considerations to heart and more when he designed this primary school in London.

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Primary School in London by  Gavin Hughes:

Working with the Department for Children, Schools & Families as part of the Space for Personalised Learning project, a number of pilot spaces are being created in selected schools, each space reflecting the school’s interpretation of Personalised Learning.  We researched & designed afully realised space that can evolve inresponse to creating a more personalised approach to learning.

This school is a small, multicultural, multiracial one-form entry school housed in a Victorian triple-decker building in near central London. Many of the pupils are from disadvantaged backgrounds and several initiatives have been undertaken by the school aiming to increase the pupils’ readiness to learn through developing their social and emotional well being, enabling them to realise their full potential.

An educational brief was developed in workshops with pupils, teachers and governors. A sample of the school’s ‘Enquiry-based Creative Curriculum’ was studied and the activities they wished to foster were identified based around pedagogical change towards a more collaborative learning environment.
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