Shaped like a dome tent, the PODHouse is a prefabricated wood house made by Swiss designer ROB Gmbh. Developed in 2011, 3 types are available for sale or rent for tourists who wish to camp out even in the winter. It’s complete with heating, LED lighting, electricity and solar ventilation.

The rugged, durable construction (only FSC certified timber) is delivered fully assembled and can be used immediately. Thanks to the good insulation of the floor and walls, and double glazed windows and doors allow in winter “camp” in an ecologically meaningful.

PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh1 PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh2 PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh3 PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh4 PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh5 tent designPODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh6 PODHousedesigninSwitzerlandbyROBGmbh7

[via homedit and luxatic]


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