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Stockholm-based studio Pavilion Living designed Pavilion 65, a timeless design of a minimalist house inspired by the 1950s California house.

This pre-fabricated home designed with living space, kitchen, dining, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a patio is located near Torekov, Sweden.

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Pavilion 65 by Pavilion Living:

Living Pavilion draws and delivers house in timeless design.  Our inspiration comes primarily from modernism. Houses minimalist and simplistic design is clearly inspired by 50th century California. On this basis and with a Nordic adaptation, we have created a series of houses that are not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and well thought out in every detail.

Our houses are chiefly characterized by its clear framework and its openness, which is expressed in the large glass sections that open up the house to the environment and nature. The floor plans are open and social. The houses can be easily adapted to our customers’ requests and needs. Take a look at our house models and sources of inspiration.


Photos by Göran Uhlin | Text by Pavilion Living


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