British artist Cath Riley draws with pencil alone. Her attention to detail is truly phenomenal and has won admiration from companies like Nike and publications such as the New York Times. One have quoted saying:

“…these stunning pencil illustrations by Cath Riley are truly exquisite. She has an amazing grasp of the subtilties of the human form, especially the texture and elasticity of human skin and the proportions of complex features like faces and hands…”

pencildrawings1 pencildrawings2 pencildrawings3 pencildrawings4 pencildrawings5 pencildrawings6 pencildrawings7 pencildrawings8 pencildrawings9 pencildrawings10 pencildrawings11 pencildrawings12 pencildrawings13 pencildrawings14pencil drawings

From Cath Riley’s website via formyhour


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