house design

When I saw the interior design works of Alexandra Angle the first time, I just need to go back and feature another one. Their projects are so beautifully arranged, can’t get enough of it! Starting off with this unique chandelier (pictured above), imagine the morning light hitting the blue hued glasses, not to mention when it’s lit at night.. All pretty and cool.

The rest of the rooms are equally pleasing to eye. Pastel colors and hint of prints everywhere. Plus, lookout for the lovely alfresco entertainment lanai..

venicecanals2 venicecanals3 venicecanals4 venicecanals5 venicecanals6 venicecanals7 venicecanals8 venicecanals9 venicecanals10 venicecanals11 venicecanals12 venicecanals13 venicecanals14

From the Alexandra Angle.


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