Self-taught artists Carolyn Wong and William Du of Will and Caro studio created this beautiful collection of delicately arranged paper butterflies.

Primarily working with washi (Japanese paper) Will and Caro create stunning art pieces with a story to tell.  The focus is on the simplicity, purity and delicacy of working with paper, a dying culture among the technology advancing era. 

More on Will and Caro’s website and Facebook for updates.

paper art DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies1 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies2 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies3  DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies5 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies6 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies7 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies8 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies9 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies10 DelicatelyArrangedPaperButterflies11

[via oddstuffmagazine]


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