It sits like a cherry on top of vanilla sundae. Definitely stands out among the residences in Norway. I’ve not really thought of having painting the exterior of a house all-red, but it certainly looks fantastic! Breaking away from the usual row of neutral hues in subdivisions. A total opposite of what you see outside is the pale color palette within this home.

house design NorwayRedHouse2 NorwayRedHouse3 NorwayRedHouse4 NorwayRedHouse6 NorwayRedHouse7 NorwayRedHouse8 NorwayRedHouse9 NorwayRedHouse10 NorwayRedHouse11 NorwayRedHouse12 NorwayRedHouse13 NorwayRedHouse15 NorwayRedHouse17 NorwayRedHouse18



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