Ourit Ben-Haim: Fiódor Dostoyevski – Crimen y Casting

In this technology driven age, most people we encounter on public transport are too absorbed with their smart phones, playing games or incessantly browsing through social media. Barely looking up. These days it’s rare to see people get wonderfully lost in a good love story, adventures of a different world or a fill of everyday wisdom. For some reason, I feel happy seeing others still hold on to their paper backs. A clever use of commute.

Likewise fascinated is photographer Ourit Ben-Haim. She started a simple project called  Underground New York Public Library. While travelling the New York City subway, she snaps pictures of people reading and posts them on her site along with the title of the book. Even so, she says that, this project isn’t trying to document something rare. It’s an attempt to reveal us as we are. 
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Ourit Ben-Haim: Franz Kafka – The Trial


Ourit Ben-Haim: William Napier – Attila: The Judgment


Ourit Ben-Haim: John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath


Ourit Ben-Haim: Jack Kerouac – On the Road


Ourit Ben-Haim: Lillian Browse – Augustus John: Drawings


Ourit Ben-Haim: Dr R. L. Travers – Mary Poppins


Ourit Ben-Haim: Mitt Romney – No Apology, Believe in America


Ourit Ben-Haim: Friedrich Nietzsche – The Birth of Tragedy


Ourit Ben-Haim: Salman Rushdie – The Enchantress of Florence


Ourit Ben-Haim: Sean Williams – Star Wars (The Old Republic): Fatal Alliance


Ourit Ben-Haim: Eric Van Lustbader – Last Snow


Ourit Ben-Haim: Philip K. Dick – A Scanner Darkly


Ourit Ben-Haim: Jane Smiley – A Thousand Acres

Read on and check out more photos at Underground New York Public Library website.


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