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Don’t you just love quotes that still the mind? If so, you’ll enjoy this series by Julian Bialowas. This is a collection of inspiring snippets (that will make you think about life) set on beautiful photos of landscapes and mountains taken by Julian himself.

JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape1 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape2 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape3 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape4 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape5 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape6 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape7 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape8 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape9 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape10 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape11 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape12 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape13 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape14 JulianBialowasTypographyonLandscape15

Julian Bialowas is a Canadian freelance Designer & Photographer currently living in Calgary, Alberta. Creator of 365q and a co-creator of 16HOURS Magazine. He says, “when I’m not behind the lens or screen you can find me in the mountains.”

Visit Julian’s website for a look at his wonderful portfolio and his entire photo collection on flickr.


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