This is by far, the best and most imaginative children’s bedroom I’ve seen. What more could a kid as for? It’s got ladders, swing, climbing ropes, lots of hidden storage spaces and a tree house right in the middle of it all. See the sketch come to life in the images below.

treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom4 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom5 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom6 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom7 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom8 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom9 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom10 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom11 treehouseinspiredkidsbedroom12 bedroom design

[via dornob and forkparty]


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