There are just too many things to love in this home. Mainly because the planet’s health was considered with nearly every design decision.

Other green features in the home range from big to small, from the photovoltaic array that collects energy from sunshine and the geothermal heat that warms the floors, to the recycled blue jeans used for insulation.

Most of the building materials used in this home has been re-purposed and sourced from different areas. For example, the wood flooring is re-sawn wide-plank pine and the exterior siding was recycled from hardwood.

Gerber and Hawkins joined several architectural forms together to create a tight structure that tucks into the side of the meadow. On one side, facing Emerald Mountain, are the living, dining and kitchen areas. That two-story expanse opens to a deck, which in turn leads to the wide-open meadow. A smaller structure houses bedrooms and guest rooms. The two tall gables are linked with two lower rooflines covered in the green roof. “One way to respect the site is to build small,” says Hawkins, “and this is the smallest home in the subdivision.”

The interiors reveal a pared-down sensibility. Pine or slate floors and wood walls and ceilings are enhanced with an uncluttered selection of contemporary and mid-century furniture. “I like spaces to be very simple,” says homeowner Laurie Reed, who selected the furniture and worked with project manager Kande Iken to select the interior finishes.

Trained as an architect herself, Reed is passionate about sustainable design and knew she needed the right experts to finesse the project. “It takes a team of believers to build a home this committed to green design,” she says.

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