LEGO hotel

Playing with LEGO has inspired generations of kids to make inventive structures with most of them imagining themselves to be inside the LEGO buildings they’ve made with their own hands.

With LEGOLAND California set to open the first ever life-size 250-room LEGO-themed hotel on April 5th, 2013, that silent wish is now close to come true. Kids and adults alike would be thrilled to spend the night in a theme of their choice: adventure, pirates or magical kingdom. What’s more, every corner of this hotel will also feature plenty of sculptures and figures made completely out of LEGOs.

LEGOHotel1 LEGOHotel2 LEGOHotel2 LEGOHotel3 LEGOHotel3 LEGOHotel4 LEGOHotel4 LEGOHotel5 LEGOHotel6 LEGOHotel7  LEGOHotel10LEGOHotel8

Find out more on California LEGOLAND Resort website.


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