Japan based studio EASTERN design office have designed the Key Hole House characterized by a minimalistic and unique facade.

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Key Hole House by Eastern Design Office:

The facade of this house has the shape of a keyhole. A key to open “my house”, which is  

standing along a narrow street of a crowded town, is designed as a key itself on the façade of this
house. A house can be called a key, which will open up your life happily. Such a small key, 
this house is a key!
The site is in Kyoto, Japan. It is a small house for four people and two cats. It has only 100 
square meters of floor space. It is standing alone in the corner of a small parking lot like a table
left behind at the seaside.
There is a thin steel eave which is fixed to the façade of this house as if it is floating, and a key- 
shaped slit like a “picture”, crossing over the eave. A red wine-colored door. 
These are laid out like a beautiful pattern designed on a jewel box.



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