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London based studio Paul Archer Design have designed the Jindals’ Pavilion, completed in 2007.

JindalsPavilion2 JindalsPavilion3 JindalsPavilion4 JindalsPavilion5 JindalsPavilion6 Will Pryce Photography JindalsPavilion8 JindalsPavilion9 JindalsPavilion10 JindalsPavilion11 JindalsPavilion12

Jindal’s Pavilion by Paul Archer Design:

The client required a space for meditation; something inward looking, yet closely tuned to the site. Occupying the end of a long garden, it was originally conceived as an enclosure of four outer stone walls one of which folds over to form the roof. The wall and roof planes were not allowed to touch at the corners, which allows the space to flow freely, yet still retain a sense of enclosure. The division between inside and out is deliberately ambiguous; double sliding doors allow the interior to expand into the courtyard space.

A wooden storage wall, occupying one whole side of the main space, conceals a bed and silk curtains to make a bedroom as well as a fold down desk for use as a home office. This allows the space to alter its function depending on which component of the wall furniture is deployed.


Photos by Will PrycePaul Archer Design


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