Captured in a small bottle are snippets of a sceneries are artworks by Japanese artist  Akinobu Izumi. Common bottles made more special by the tiny art inside. Izumi created this cool series called “tiny world in a bottle” that could be used as charms, pendants, trinkets or for a giveaway. Very cute collection!

bottle art Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_2 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_3 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_4 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_5 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_7 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_8 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_10 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_12 Tiny_World_Tiny_Bottle_14

Her items are available on her etsy page. Check them out!


[via insanetwist]


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