One thing I have realized with this work is that you don’t have to overdo and stress yourself up by brushing those paints away in a creative manner just to come up with great art. Check out these inspiring paintings created by Chicago-based artist Martina Nehrling. Her works are interesting in the sense that she makes them through simple brushstrokes using different bright bands of acrylic.

InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic2 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic3 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic4 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic5 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic6 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic7 InterestingStrokesofBrightBandsofAcrylic8

The artist says:

My paintings are visual rhythms inspired by the cacophony of daily life, at once the weight and the flimsiness of it. Compelled by the pulsation of the beautiful and horrific relentlessly clashing I create compositions of accumulation. Grouped or tangled together, I use multiple distinct brushstrokes for their graphic directness, but highly saturated chroma in order to heighten the effect of color’s imprecise language.


[via honestlywtf and zggallery]


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