Now you see them, in a while you don’t. Such is the art of making sculptures out of sand.. But that thrilling moment of feeling the daintiness of your sand masterpiece is irreplaceable. Not to mention the freedom of adjusting your sculpture because of the flexibility of sand adds to the perk. Maybe that’s why people never tire of it. What’s a trip to the beach without sand art? How about incredible sand art? Here are several samples to inspire you on your next trip to the beach.. 🙂

sand art photos amazing_sand_sculpture_03 amazing_sand_sculpture_04 amazing_sand_sculpture_06 amazing_sand_sculpture_08 amazing_sand_sculpture_09 amazing_sand_sculpture_11 amazing_sand_sculpture_14 amazing_sand_sculpture_18 amazing_sand_sculpture_19 amazing_sand_sculpture_22 amazing_sand_sculpture_26 amazing_sand_sculpture_27 amazing_sand_sculpture_29 amazing_sand_sculpture_30 amazing_sand_sculpture_31 amazing_sand_sculpture_32

[via golberz]


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