sunrise photography

This is one of the most beautiful sunrise photos you’ll ever see! Self-taught photographer Yu Yamauchi stayed in solitude near the top of majestic Mt. Fuji for 600 days. He says,

There I photographed the dawn everyday from the same location. The results are these images chasing ever-shifting scenes unfolding before his eye.

This space, “above the clouds,” exists far from the ground where we live our daily lives. It is also a space between the earth and the universe. Being there simply reminds me of the fact that we live on the earth which is a planet within an infinite space of the universe.

Changing shapes with every second, the clouds look like a membrane of the earth. When the sun rises behind a cloud-forming horizon, the world painted in only blue before suddenly and completely looking different. I witnessed many times this magical transformation.

MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi2 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi3 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi4 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi5 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi6 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi7 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi8 MtFujiSunrisePhotosbyYuYamauchi9

Be sure to check out more of Yu Yamauchi’s outstanding DAWN series on his website.


[via featureshoot and photojojo]


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