Is there anyone out there who wasn’t addicted at all to popping bubble wraps? In this case, our addiction should be set aside for a while and check out how New York-based artist Bradley Hart has come up with a series of portraits using our precious bubble wraps. Each bubble is injected with acrylic paint and after a delicate process, stunning pixelated illustrations are created.

The artist says:

The idea of using bubble wrap came from a few experiences where overzealous museum security guards instructed patrons not to touch works of art and a left over roll  of bubble from wrapping my first solo show in NYC… The bare bubbles in the bubble wrap reference dots or pixels, echoing various movements in art history and other media, including pointillism, screen-printing, TVs and LCD monitors.

ImpressivePortraitsMadeFromBubbleWraps2 ImpressivePortraitsMadeFromBubbleWraps3 ImpressivePortraitsMadeFromBubbleWraps4 ImpressivePortraitsMadeFromBubbleWraps5 ImpressivePortraitsMadeFromBubbleWraps6

[via designtaxi]


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