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Amsterdam based studio Marc Koehler Architects have designed the House Like Village.

This loft conversion project is located in a residential building along an old harbour cantina at the KNSM-island in Amsterdam.

HouseLikeVillage1a HouseLikeVillage2 HouseLikeVillage3 HouseLikeVillage4 HouseLikeVillage5 HouseLikeVillage6 HouseLikeVillage7 HouseLikeVillage8 HouseLikeVillage9 HouseLikeVillage10

House Like Village by Marc Koehler Architects:

The way in which the (vast) space is divided, has the characteristics of a settlement; ‘a group of small houses inside the house’. Small streets emerge as multifunctional living spaces for the more spontaneous, footloose activities of playing, partying, washing and working. In contrast the house-like volumes contain less mobile activities such as the bedrooms and bathroom and storage. by compressing certain spaces (like bedroom) open spaces expand. The streets also carry daylight right into the heart of the house and provide great views outwards. The open space can be ‘colonized’ in the future, constructing extra volumes, when the family expands.


[via architizer]


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