minimalist house

Japanese studio EANA designed the House in Hiyoshi  located in Yokohama City, Japan.

This minimalist home’s ground level has 2 bedrooms, storage and a bathroom. On the second level, a living room, kitchen and a metal staircase leading up to a rooftop terrace.

HouseinHiyoshibyEANA1 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA2 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA3 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA4 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA5 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA6 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA7 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA8 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA9 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA10 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA11 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA12 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA13 HouseinHiyoshibyEANA14

Photos by Koichi Torimura


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