contemporary home design

Solid white exterior was softened in different ways. One, the warmth added by the wood panel design that surrounds the courtyard pool. Two, the huge windows permitting lots of natural light inside the home. Three, perfect variety of heights. Architect Pablo Carvajal’s clever mixture of style outside continued inside this home in Madrid. Timeless as well as modern decor warmed the rooms complemented by elegant and bright colors.

housedesignedbypaulcarvajal1 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal2 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal3 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal4 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal5 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal6 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal7 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal8 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal9 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal10 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal11 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal12 housedesignedbypaulcarvajal14

[via nuevo-estilo]


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