house design

I bet you’d love the delicate simplicity of this home. Whites and splashes of color is what its made of. Would you want it any other way? How this home was captured on camera sets it apart from most of the glossy interior homes you’d normally see. Here its subtle messiness presentation is quite interesting, gives you the impression of the real picture of actually living in it..

Alvheim-Se_2-600x399 Alvheim-Se_3-600x887 Alvheim-Se_4-600x399 Alvheim-Se_5-600x881 Alvheim-Se_6-600x399 Alvheim-Se_7-600x889 Alvheim-Se_8-600x399 Alvheim-Se_9-600x887 Alvheim-Se_10-600x872 Alvheim-Se_11-600x399 Alvheim-Se_12-600x399 Alvheim-Se_13-600x399 Alvheim-Se_15-600x902 Alvheim-Se_16-600x884 Alvheim-Se_17-600x885 Alvheim-Se_18-600x400

[via Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör]


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