Whenever I pass by sidewalk vendors or kiosks in a mall at closing time, it still fascinates me how the vendors patiently fold up their wares for the night and how they put them out again in the morning.Every single day. And then I imagine them having a stall that could have transformer-like stashing power. Something close to this project that I came across recently. Brazilian architect Alan Chu created pleasant surprise design for The Gourmet Tea shop in Sao Paulo. It is playful as it is smart where each colored section pops up to reveal its wonderful tea products. Plus, storing it all away upon closing is easy-peasy. Cool idea.

“The colorful plywood box opens in many ways to the public creating a dynamic, joyful atmosphere around it self using design as a tool to provide the right brand experience”, Chu explains.

tea house design

[via popupcity and architizer]


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