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Australia-based design firm Luigi Rosselli Architects completed the Hastings Parade House in 2011.

The project is located in Bondi Beach, New South Wales.

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Hastings Parade House by Luigi Rosselli Architects:

Perched on a headland over the alleged cave of the convict Ben Buckler, the Hastings Parade House claims a unique position between the iconic Bondi Beach and the sheer cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. This project, a child of the GFC, demonstrated the adaptability of its design as it was scaled down from three stories to two to meet the changing expectations of the clients.

The house demonstrates a particular attention to craft, an experimental attitude to materials and a design built to last in this extreme coastal environment. The custom corrugated concrete façade is carried through to the garage door and entry, presenting a strong identity in a street dominated by monolithic blocks of flats. This experimental attention to craft is also explored inside through the hand woven cane screen surrounding the stair that enlivens the large family room and kitchen.


Photos courtesy Edward Birch, Luigi Rosselli Architects


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