Michael Grab meditative art of “gluing” rocks, with nothing else but gravity to hold it together, has received positive responses from spectators. Most probably because that’s what he wanted to transmit to his audience, a sense of positivity and peace in his artworks.

stone art gravityglue1 gravityglue2 gravityglue3 gravityglue4 gravityglue5 gravityglue6 gravityglue7 gravityglue8 gravityglue9 gravityglue10

“Gravity Glue is a name derived from the nature of balance crossed with the common suspicion many have for the mechanics of the expressive form. More importantly, Gravity Glue is an ongoing satellite project that highlights the artistic, spiritual, and visionary elements of balancing rocks, as experienced by creator Michael Grab. All stone installations seen here employ ONLY balance to remain free standing.”

Check Michael Grab’s website to see more of his works.


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