In 2008, a popular public swimming pool in the Plaza de la Cebada in Madrid was demolished. It was done with a promise from the Town Hall that in 2 years time, they will construct a bigger and better pool for the neighborhood. After 4 years, the promised project has yet to be constructed.

Recently proposed structures seem to lean towards shopping malls and big-ticket leisure centers while the future of re-building the community pool remained bleak, r. With this, the locals have improvised a ‘recreational center’ in a vacant lot which was called the Field of Barley. Though devoid of water, it is a place where the community can get together and enjoy self-organized activities for everyone can participate. Last May 15 they’ve been using it for a year and to celebrate its anniversary, the community gathered for an ephemeral pool installation. Collecting over 2,000 recycled transparent containers that they filled with blue colored water with lights up to achieve a glowing 6 × 4 meterpool. The beaming installation was called Pool on a background of Field of Barley and left lit for 8 hours with the hope of reminding the residents of what the space was and should be in the not too distant future.

Photos by Gustavo Sanabria

PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley1 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley2 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley3 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley4 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley5  PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley7 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley8 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley9 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley10 public art installationPublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley11 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley12 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley13 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley14 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley15 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley16 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley17 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley18 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley19 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley20 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley21 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley22 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley23 PublicSwimmingpoolonabackgroundofaFieldofBarley24

[via luzinterruptus]


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